A new way to manage your
Divi clients

  • Build custom dashboards for your Divi websites
  • White label your Client’s Admin dashboard panels
  • Give access to your Client’s for easy content management
  • Save time managing clients – focus on important things
  • Get more happy clients and more recurring revenue

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Why is Client Dashboard a game changing Divi plugin?

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Create custom dashboards for clients & stay in control

Client dashboard is the most advanced white label and client content management plugin for Divi and WordPress that lets you create the ultimate client dashboard for your wordpress and Divi website users and boost your website content management.
Customize and rebrand your users dashboard and login page, manage user capabilities and rights, white label your WordPress back-end and more…

 Managing Divi websites just got simple. Try it for free.


Rebrand and White label your websites

Forget about giving your clients login to WordPress admin and your Divi builder layouts. Provide clients with your own content management solution and rebrand user dashboards and login pages the with your own custom branding.

Build custom admin dashboards for users

Every website is different. Why should everyone have the same admin panel?
Assign which content can be managed through the dashboard and capabilities that can be performed on the content.

Customize user dashboards the way you like

Customize and White label admin dashboard the way you want and in the order you want. Change the look and feel of the dashboard the way you like – your own company branding or your clients



Customize your login pages

Build custom login pages to match your client dashboard branding. Custom login pages in pair with CLDASH custom content management solution will make your WordPress website stand out.

Asign users & control access to the dashboard

Not all users need to have the same dashboard and access rights.
Take full control on which users can access or manage certain parts of the website content and assign different user access rights for different tasks.

Managing website content made easy

Editing content has never been so easy. Your collegues, employees or clients can easy manage it without any difficulties and you don’t need to worry that someone will break your website.

Editing content made easy for everyone

Editing WordPress content or Woocommerce products made easy for everyone. Our editor is simple and easy to use.

Collaborate with your team

Leave notes and reminders to yourself or other users managing your website for them to see when they log in to their dashboard.

Track all contact forms, comments and reviews

Read all contact form submissions, comments and reviews within your CLDASH dashboard. It works with Divi contact form module and Caldera forms.

Connect with Google Data Studio

Connect your website analytics to CLDASH from Google Data studio.
Build your own analytics dashboards with Google data studio in mater of minutes and assign it to the admin dashboard users.

Manage your Woocommerce store

CLDASH also works with Woocommerce. Manage your woocommerce store and give access to your employees. Manage your products and orders through a simple dashboard.

Provide support

We implemented a ticketing system inside CLDASH. Your clients can contact you or send a support ticket from their own dashboard

Team up with others

Are you working with other advertising agencies or freelancers that need to manage website content for you or your clients?
Give them a custom limited access to the content they need to manage. They can even implement custom code for eg. Google Analytics on their own so you or your clients don’t need to worry about it.

Switch between websites in network

Do you or your clients have more then one website? Easy switch between all the websites where you have CLDASH installed.

And much more…

CLDASH has dozens of useful features for Divi developers and Agencies

 What are you waiting for? Try it for free.


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. If you don’t like our plugin over the next 14 days, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked .