Analytics screen

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  1. Analytics screen

Analytics screen #

CLDASH analytics is built on top of Google data studio to show anaytics reports. This way you can embed any custom  data report you have created for your client without any restrictions.

After clicking on the Analytics from the navigation menu or widgets section – user will be redirected to the Analytics screen.

Client user will be able to access analytics data screens if Analytics is enabled and embeded for the selected client user. You can enable and embed analytics for the user in CLDASH > Client Users > Analytics dashboards

If analytics is enabled for this user – your Google Data studio report embed will render on the screen.

Every user can have their own analytics data report or they can share the same data depending on the Google Data studio report link you have embeded.

To learn more on how you can implement your own Data studio reports for client users – please read the official Google Data studio documentation.