Client user settings screen

Client user settings screen #

After clicking on the Client user settings icon in the top menu – user will be redirected to the user settings screen.

Client user will be able edit their setting on their own without the need to contact you.



Enter clientcode – user can change their clientcode and use their own clientcode. This setting will not replace the client code you have initially set for the user. This way if the user forgets their client code – he can always use the default one. If the client wants to change their secret clientcode, client can type and activate a new one.



If the field Can this client user edit WordPress user settings? is enabled in the CLDASH > Client Users , client user will be able to change their user settings ( first name, last name, display name and profile image )

WordPress users are not created via Cldash options tab. If you need to add a new WordPress user please navigate to WordPress Admin > Users > Add New prior setting up the Client user.


  1. First name – enter new wordpress user first name
  2. Last name – enter new wordpress user last name
  3. Display name – enter new wordpress user display name
  4. Profile image –   edit wordpress user custom profile image     – If you wish exclude the image from showing in the media library- just add the Profile image name to the CLDASH >InApp>Main settings to hide it