Comments screen

Comments screen #

Comments screen will show WordPress posts / post types comments.

After clicking on the Comments from the navigation menu or widgets section – user will be redirected to the Comments screen.

All of the Comments will be shown in the data table.

Comments data table displays all Reviews that are submitted via contact forms with review content, related post, date and status.

  1. Comments  – Comments
  2. Related to – post on which Comment has been posted ( with link)
  3. Posted on– Comments date
  4. Status – status of the Comments
  5. Search – search Comments  – with this option user will be able to easily find the desired Comment
  6. Pagination – table initially shows 15 Comments per page and you can navigate between pages.


After clicking on the desired Comment  a modal window will open that will show the Comment detail and provide additional actions.




  1. Post permalink – link to the post where the Comment has been posted
  2. Date and time – date and time of the Comment
  3. Author name– Comment author
  4. Review contents – Comment summary
  5. Status – Comment status
  6. Status Action – approve or unapprove the Comment
  7. Reply – write your reply on the Comment