Inquiries screen

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  1. Inquiries screen

Inquiries screen #

After clicking on the Inquiries from the navigation menu or widgets section – user will be redirected to the Inquiries screen.

All of the Inquiries will be shown in the data table.

Inquiries data table displays all Inquiries that are submitted via contact forms with date, time and email.

  1. Date  – date of contact form submission
  2. Time – time of contact form submission
  3. Email – contact email
  4. Search – search Inquiries by email or date – with this option user will be able to easily find the desired contact form submission
  5. Pagination – table initially shows 15 inquiries per page and you can navigate between pages.


After clicking on the desired inquiry ( contact form submission ) a modal window will open that will show the contact form submission details ( summary) including all fields from the contact form.



You can edit Divi contact form the way you like and and use all the field types. Cldash will automatically pull data from the forms into Client dashboard.


CLDASH works with Caldera forms also. Style your Caldera form the way you like.