Table of Contents

  1. Network
    1. WEBSITE
    2. Aditional info

Network #

If you wish to use CLDASH on more than one website and switch between websites, CLDASH plugin must be setup on all websites you wish to use it on. i.e. app is going intialize according to how it is setup on active website.

The same client user (ID and other data) must be setup within CLDASH settings on all network websites you are going to provide to your client, otherwise they will get “invalid user ID” message.

On the Network screen you will see a list a initial list of 20 websites you can connect to CLDASH.*




  • Enable this website under “Switch website” in-app? – Toggle if you wish to quickly enable or disable a website inside CLDASH network
  • Website title  – Set your custom website title that will render in the swithch website > select website screen
  • Website URL – Enter the ROOT ABSOULTE URL for the website you wish to use. ( e.g. ).

If you have more than one website and you want to use the network / switch website option – you must input all of the websites on each domain( URL)  you have CLDASH installed , excluding current domain ( URL) !


Aditional info #

*CLDASH will create up to 20 websites with initial install. If you wish to add more websites to your network you can download plugin add-on to enable more websites ( free with premium licence).