Single product screen

Single product screen #


After clicking on the add new product or view /edit / clone action for the desired woocommerce product from the product listing data table – user will be redirected to the single product screen.

All of the data for this product will be displayed and user will be able to perform actions for the selected product  ( view /edit or clone).

User will be able to input or edit product fields as per capabilities set in CLDASH options.

Post fields:

  1. Title
  2. Publish date
  3. Permalink
  4. Featured image
  5. Product details
  6. Product categories
  7. ACF fields set for this product  (  fields that will render are set in Wp-admin /Custom fields >Field group > location rules > products ).



Product details

  1. Price
  2. SKU
  3. Tax
  4. Virtual
  5. Downloadable
  6. In stock
  7. Enable reviews
  8. Featured
  9. Short description
  10. Purchace note




  1. Discard – return to the product listing screen discarding all data
  2. Save – publish / update product